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Mayville , North Dakota


 I  Picked up  MY  Ham Radio License  -Extra Class-  at  SEATTLE  FCC  Office  and  Later My  2nd Class Radio-Telegraph  License At  Minneapolis  FCC  Office.   

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    Welcome  To  My  Ham  Pages      K0RJ.com   

    Creating  A  Web--Site.. Began   September  2007

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Mayville, North Dakota    About  50  Miles  North  Of   FARGO,  North  Dakota...  Or 350 N.W.  Of  Minneapolis  &  St. PauL   Minn.. 


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Welcome  TO  Mayville ,  North  Dakota  


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Hello Folks :   Having Moved To  Mayville, North Dakota  &  Having Met a Wonderfull  (Arlene)  Gal :  I Now Reside At Mayville , No. Dakota..

    My Radio Ham Station IS In The Basement and Waiting For Me To Re-Connect The  Ham Station... Arlene Says  *Turn Down The Volume !!!* ... One Of The Days I Will Put Up MY TRAP ALL BAND DIPOLE.. & Start Noise In The Basement... !!!

(CQ CQ CQ DX de KØRJ FROM NO.DAKOTA) ... (:--} ... Arlene  Has About 20Acres of Land For Antenna's .. About Half of Which Is For A Campground With Connections For Water,Sewer,& Elect... This Keeps Me Busy Mowering The Grass and Trimming Bushes... Oh Well !!!   Radio Has To Wait Till The Snow Flys...  (Ole-Timers Always Wait Till For WINTER !!! )  



Mayville, North Dakota

Olstad Campground

Campground : 10 Camping Sites, City-Water, Sewer, 30 Amp. Elect.

Directions: I-29 Exit HWY-200 WEST To MAYVILLE  West-Bound Cross R.R. City-Center Go West 1/4 Mile : Stop : See Jet Plane On Pole : Campground Is On SOUTH-Side OF Hwy #200 :

East-Bound :   From Portland N.D. On Hwy-200, Cross GOOSE RIVER, See PIZZA-&-Bar, Go EAST 1/4 MILE, See LANDMARK  JET-Plane on POLE, STOP,   Campground On SOUTH-SIDE of HWY-200.