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         A Little  About  Me  ...   My  Given  Name is  Eugene   However  All  MY  Ham  Buddies   Call  ME     --- Geno ---   or   --- Uncle  Geno ---  ....   That  Is   Cuz   I  Am  Considered  A   Professional  Batchelor.....   Never  Have  Gotten  Around  To  Try  Married  Life.....    I  Was  Born  Out  In  The  North--Woods  Of  Northwestern  Minnesota  Back  in  1934.....   Would  Have  Been  Pretty  Hard  To  Get  A  HAM--Shack  Going  In  Those  Days   as  There  Was   NO  Electricity  On  The  Farm.....   But  We  All  Survived  With  The  Help  of   Kerosine  For  Lights   and  Wood  For  Heat.... ! ! !      

When   WW II   Started   My  Older  Brothers  Had  To  Go  OFF  To  See  The  World  And  That  Meant   MY  Mother  And  2  Kids   Left  Home  Alone  Had  To  Move  Into  The  City...   Wow  Big  Deal  

   --- Electricity --- ! ! !   Running  Water ! ! ....   


        As I Try My Luck At A Web-Site  September 2007   My Radio Station  Is  Rather Small..      Outside Is A    55 Ft. Self-Supporting Crank-Up Tower   With ONLY A 2 Mtr Beam Headed To   HORACE   No.Dak.   aka   W0ZOK  Repeater..   Dedicated Link.. ! !     For  HF  is A Multi-Band Dipole 160 - 10 Mtrs...     Inside The Ham Shack Is A  kenwood Ts-950SD - Dentron 3Ka Tuner - Henry 3KA Amp  (32 Yrs Young And Mostly Retired--But Runs Full Output)   When I Get Excited In Dead Of Winter... !!     Also Is Kenwood Monitor SM-220 Scope..  (Wouldn't Be With-out One As YOU Ole-timers Know..!! !!) ..     2 Mtrs Is An Old Faithful  Kenwood TR-7950  Pushing A  RF Concepts 2-315 Amp...  Of Course NO Radio Shack Is Complete With-Out A  Bird 43  &  Drake W-4 Watt-Meters...  PLus Numerous Ole-Timer Mic's From  Lolly-pop  To  Elvis Stage Style  &  Astatic Dynamic 10d  &  Mackie Mic Mixer  Hooked To A  Behringer Boom Mic... & Of Course A VibroPlex Keyer Paddle Key..







My  Dailey  Routine  Starts At  About  5:00 AM  (early Riser)  After The  Folgers  Pot  is  Done  I  Head  For  MY  Ham-shack--Computor Room ....  &  By  8 am  I  Am  Ready  To  Take  ON  The  World... ! ! !      



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