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     During the Mexican/American war, an intense long standoff occured along the front.   For days and days neither side made any advances.  Finally, an American general had a bright idea.    He aimed his rifle to the Mexican trenches and yelled "Hey Juan!".....  A soldier jumped up and replied "What?"  The general shot him dead. This continued for three days.  A Mexican general decided that two could play this game and decided to try it out.  He called out "Hey John!!"  An American replied "John isn't here...... is that you Juan?"  The Mexican general stood up, "Yeah ? !".....

Below   ARE   Snow  DEPTHs   Around  The  STATE  Of  Minnesota 

Snow depth map legend.



CQ CQ CQ   DX   De   KØRJ   Calling  And Standing  Bye  For  Any  DX  CALL     OoooooVvvveeeRrrrrrr.......


Vietnam Huey Storys           From Military Aviation - HUEY

My Road to Saigon   By KØRJ ham radio

There is no need for any individual to have a computer in their home.   Ken Olson, 1977, President, Digital Equipment Corp.

"Growing  old  is  like  being  increasingly  penalised  for  a  crime  you haven't  committed."

I want to upholster the inside lining of my nostrils with leather, to have that "new car smell" all the time.

I want my kids to have the things in life that I never had when I was growing up. Things like beards and chest hair.

I'd like to meet a guy named Art.   I'd take him to a museum, hang him on the wall, and leave him.

I want my time to be taken up by chores, errands, appointments, and arguments.  In other words,  Maybe I  should get married.!

I want to get the words "Courage" and "Bravery" tattooed across my back, so people could associate me with those things as they chase me.




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