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KØRJ's  Vacation Home  Next To  Country Campground



 Just  1  Mile  South  Of   Detroit  Lakes,   Minnesota   .! !      

Country  Campground     Is   Owned  And  Operated  By  My  Nephew    Elwood   --- WB0LTG ---    And  His  XYL   Lois ......

For  Those  Of  YOU  Who  May  Be  Passing  Thru  This  Area  With  YOUR   RV   or  5th Wheel Camper  (or  JUST  a  TENT)   A  First  Class  Campground  Is  Found  Here.  To  View   WBØLTG 's   Web-Site :



Elwood   WBØLTG   Later  Years  in  Campground




My Name Is   "Geno"  (Short for Eugene)   My Ole-Timer Call-Sign Was   --- W0NYY ---    I First Got Started In Radio Communications Back In 1952 With The U.S. Army As A CW Radio Operator In Europe.. I Went Thru The Morse Code Training School At  Ft. Devens, Mass.   Then On To Europe..  After My Military Duty I Went To Seattle And There I Met My "Elmer aka Smokey K5kdk  now a Silent Key"  Who Taught Me The In's & Out's of Amateur Radio..      After Spending A Couple Of Years Around  Saigon  And   Points North   I Returned To MY Roots At Detroit Lakes  &  Got My  W0 Call-Sign...

I Picked Up My   Extra Class    &   2nd Class Radio Telegraph   Licences Back When The  FCC  Changed The Licensing Format In About  68.. My Primary Interest Over The Years Has Been -- DX-ing --  

   Back In The Mid 70's I Had A  Rohn 25  150 Ft Tower  With  Hygain 204ba Antennas.  Stacked 4-over-4  Monobanders  on  20 Mtrs. With Both Antennas Rotating Independantly...      And A Rohn 25  120 Ft Tower  With a Hygain TH6DX  6 Element ThunderBird Antenna.. 

 Of  Course Everyone Had Some Kind of   Wire Array For  The  **Low Bands**  80 & 160 meters...    Those Were Known As  "" The Good ole Days ! ! ! ""...   But  Come 2005  All Good Things Must End   As Old Age  Made Its Where-Abouts Known And I Could NO LONGER Crawl The Heights For Routine Maintainance...!!!    



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