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     Pacific  Northwest                                      1956 -- 1968

          Well,  Here I am  age 22,  spring of 1956,  in the greater SEATTLE area..  What to do now..???   Gots to find a job & put some peanut butter & jelly on the table...  I guess like most folks who migrate from the Mid-West to the Pacific N.W.   Go see  THE BOEING AIRPLANE CO.  & see what they have to say..?? 

  OH,  I'll take a TEMPERARY job here until I can find something more interesting...!!!    There's NOT much call for experienced  CW Radio Operators  around the industrial parks of  SEATTLE....!!!

          The first thing Boeing does at the Employment Office is set YOU down at a table and give you a battery of TESTS  to see what YOU are qualified to do...??  Cross your fingers & hope they don't just decide to give you a STEEL BUCKING BAR and tell yaaa ----  Go down to  end--of--the--line  and find some guy with a GUN looking thing and ask him What Now..???    If that's where YOU end up...  Picture YOUR-SELF setting inside a Metal BARREL and some guys on the Outside banging on it with a 3 # Hammers.. !!!!  It's called riviting....

        Fortunately,  they sent ME out to  BOEING FIELD  the Other End-of-the-Line -- Final Assembly Area -- of the  BOEING  B-52  BOMBER...   Introduced ME to an OLE-TIMER  (who I'm sure must oh been with BOEING since the Wright Brothers Started flying)  & told ME -- YOU are going to learn how to  **Make An Airplane FLY**.... !!!!  I'd NEVER been close to an airplane before...!!!!  It's called RIGGING The Flight Controls... 

       A bit of Humor :  When You get hired,  you are given a list of tools required to do your job...  Sooo, off  to SEARS (craftsman) you go...  One of the Items is a  FLASHLIGHT  because you are told it is  DARK  inside some places in the airplane...  Well,  looking around  YOU  see this  flashlight  that has a MAGNET on it...  BOY !!!  Thats the clear DEAL...  This ole farm-boy thinks...  Oppppssss,  Guess What.??   The FIRST time you crawl inside the airplane and try to STICK this Magnet onto the SIDE of an aluminum airplane...???  What's the matter with this flashlight...??   hmmmm...!!!   Oh  well,  magnet  must  not be any good....???

Today  2008, --- Grand Forks Air Force Base --- North Dakota ---  Main Gate ---  I See One of these  Mighty B-52 Bombers  setting  as a  Quiet Reminder of all the flights that were made some 40 years ago above the  Ho-Chi-Minh-Trail  Vietnam,  as well as still today are seen in the skys above  Afganistan  &  Iraq... 

            Spring of 56 some time has passed and your working 12 hrs. a day  7 days a week..  Really making --The BUCKS-- !!!  The Foreman comes up to YOU and tells you  "Monday, YOU're being transfered over to  RENTON FIELD.       BOEING Has decided to build the FIRST --" 707 Commercial JET airplane "  Hmmmm.. I still haven't figured out -- IF it is because I know what I'm doing --??-- OR  Because they JUST wanna Git Rid of ME ??? !!!!  Oh Well,  Off to a new adventure....


       If I may say... The First  707  was no easy task.. Although the FIRST 6  707's were Purchased by Pan American Airlines...  Once the production line really got underway all the WORLD airlines wanted in on this NEW JETLINER... Even the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Wanted 2 for the President... Known as  AIR FORCE ONE ...!!!

       For  THE BOEING CO.  Sales  were booming... It was like kids in a CANDY STORE...  When do I get mine...???   Finally come 1961 it was catch-up time and BOEING decided to introduce the NEW  727  tri-engine Jet-liner... The FIRST 727's were put into the production line 1962...  Now we had to go thru the whole routine all over again... Hurry and get the bugs out of design....  The 727 is one of the most successful commercial aircraft in aviation history. Well over 1700 were produced between 1963 and 1984.

Boeing 727 in flight(Neg#: K30910 )

       It was during the first of the  707 production the I took a long look at my LIFE & TIMES with the BOEING CO.  and decided I'd better get my-self some additional aircraft experiance.. So I went to the  Vo-Tech School  in Seattle along the North-end of Boeing Field area and took the  A&E mechanic  School Training...  I was working SWING Shift at Boeing and School started at 8 in the morning... But I survived the long hours and this training helped me to change my JOB at Boeing from Mechanic to Quality Control Inspection... More specifically known as Functional TEST Inspection...  For non-aircraft knowledgeable folks... This is where the mechanics jack the aircraft off the ground -- connect electrical & hydraulic power carts -- & simulate IN-FLIGHT operation of the aircraft...  Numerous TESTS are run and the Inspectors must sign-off  the paperwork that everything is working properly....


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       Well,  Now  1966  word drifts down thru the grapevine.... The Boeing Co.  is going to begin production of a  NEW JETLINER...  to be called the  737 Twin-Jet  Version,  To be built over  at  Boeing Field -- Seattle.   Ears begin to PERK-UP  rumor has it --- Employee tranfers are going to be accepted from those interested in a transfer....     My Temperary Job with the company has now run into  10 years Plus...    I decided  "Let's go for it".....  My transfer  is accepted --- This Beginning a NEW aircraft production is now kinda OLE stuff ---   This is the 3rd New one....   After a year or soooo the aircraft  737  #1  is ready for FINAL TESTING...  A  LEAD TEST Inspector Job  OPENS Up....  YUP,  You  guessed  it....  My name is TOP-oh-the-List.. !!!!     9 Apr. 1967     #1  737   Flys...!!!!

The entire 737 family is the best-selling commercial jet in history, winning orders for more than 6,866 737s through the end of March 2007


End  of  an  ERA : 

May  1968 :   I  Decide To  LEAVE  "THE  BOEING  CO"

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